How AI can help you to invest in clean energy

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The Story of "ADAM" 

This article talks about  "ADAM" Artificial Intelligence. "ADAM" aims to make it possible for most people to invest in Clean Energy. Mohamad Kharkan, PhD and Soheil Servati, PhD explain.

During the last three centuries, apart from the political revolutions, three major developments have taken place in the world, the Industrial Revolution, the Oil Revolution, and the Renewable Energy Revolution.

There is no doubt that the world cannot continue to be reliant on fossil fuel energy and new and more creative ways to generate energy must be found. The demand for energy is growing exponentially and the need to move toward using clean sources of energy has become one of the major topics of research and investment in the modern world.

Traditionally, investing in the energy industry has always been under the control of giant companies and energy cartels that have access to billions of dollars of cash flow and low interest rate loans from major banking institutions. Consequently, ordinary middle class citizens usually do not get the chance to be directly involved in this growing industry.

Large companies control the energy industry. They take hefty loans and achieve huge profits for the banks as well as for themselves. The middle class is left in the cold and has no place in achieving these large profits. Unless the middle class have savings, they cannot buy a small amount of these companies' shares on the volatile stock market. 

There is another problem. If the middle class buy a small number of shares, they cannot control the management of companies. People can only see that their share of assets is changing as a result of the activities of senior executives whom they do not know.

The good news is that, recently, researchers are using new technologies and artificial intelligence to build reliable investment platforms in the renewable energy industry. This new approach aims to cut bank interest from the process and give an opportunity to any citizen to invest in renewable energy based on their financial means.

One of the most advanced and modern methods to do so is an artificial intelligence platform called "ADAM" which is being developed by a group of Energy and AI specialists in PEC  (Pure Energy Corporation) company.

"ADAM" generates a unique and innovative environment based on artificial intelligence that can provide interesting opportunities for customers, especially among investors and renewable energy project owners. It creates a standard service for project execution planning, project management and construction monitoring of renewable energy projects during the engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and financing phases.

PEC Platform also creates an efficient, inexpensive and reliable financial system for securing legal financial transactions and technical monitoring of tracing your money in projects building process from anywhere in the world.

This platform also makes it possible for any citizen anywhere in the world to invest any amount of money, in a reliable industry and provides a service for both investors and project owners to initiate, plan, monitor and control renewable energy projects. They can do these tasks with an ease of mind. "ADAM" is growing but has not yet been introduced to the outside world. It will say "hello" to the world very soon.

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Guest - Dr. Shah Karam on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 18:43

Fantastic! How can I find out more?

Fantastic! How can I find out more?
Guest - Lucia Dore on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 03:20

I hope you received my message. I'll give you contacts so you can communicate directly with the instigators.

I hope you received my message. I'll give you contacts so you can communicate directly with the instigators.
Wednesday, 21 April 2021