The murders in Christchurch

New Zealand is in mourning. How could such an atrocity happen at the bottom of the world? What it shows is that New Zealand is not immune to what goes on in the rest of the world, notably the rise in White Supremacy. In this case, a White Supremicist, and an Australian to boot, is the alleged terrorist. He acted alone, evidently.

What is shocking is that while living in Christchurch I made a documentary, and consequently know a number of people who were killed. The documentary was about refugees, but inevitably, looked at Muslims as well.

I went to the Majid al Noor Mosque, colloquially known as the Hagley Park Mosque, and had a wonderful reception there. It was the only mosque I have been to in which I understood the sermon- it was in English. The idea is that everyone (from many countries) could understand the sermon. And the food was wonderful.

This is what I made in 2014- "Stepping up; New Zealand's response to the refugee crisis." Go to to see the documentary.

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Friday, 13 December 2019