Stepping up: NZ's response to the refugee crisis

Stepping Up? New Zealand’s Response to the Refugee Crisis, is a recently produced documentary by Lucia Dore intended for the New Zealand general population and policy makers.

Feedback and comments:

“Congratulations it's fantastic, really gets the message across that NZ isn't doing enough and highlights the issue in a thought provoking way.
Thank you so much for including Amnesty as part of it.”
- Amnesty International, New Zealand

“Fantastic - great to see the excellent overview of people who you've talked to. Really great.”
- Doing our bit campaign, New Zealand

It's beautifully put together :) I watched it with my dad and uncle- we learnt so much from it. A very thought provoking and revelationary piece.
- Lisa Marini, United Kingdom

"The film transcends the narrow narratives of refugees in mainstream media and humanizes the dialogue. It offers a sense of optimism and compassionately weaves many diverse voices – Lucia gently enters into an orbit of concerns and vulnerability surrounding the complex yet connected issue with a sense of immediacy and empathy. The film adopts a solution oriented approach to an increasingly polarized debate on refugees – offering hope, critical analysis and policy tools."
- Farhaa Abdelhaq, Saudi Arabia.

Nice, Lucia.
Now; how to get the right people to see it??!!
- Chairman of Refugee Council, New Zealand

It’s awesome. Thanks a lot. I really like it. It’s a very well done doco. Thanks again.
- Refugee, New Zealand


By Gul Agha Alizadah Review of, Stepping up: NZ’s response to the refugee crisis

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