Has FDI fallen out of favour in New Zealand?

These articles recently appeared in FDI magazine.

Lucia Dore | 14/12/2017 12:02 pm |


Observers fear New Zealand’s historic openness to foreign investors could be a thing of the past under new prime minister Jacinda Ardern, with property speculation coming under increased scrutiny. Lucia Dore reports.

For the most part, New Zealand has had an open and welcoming attitude towards FDI over the years, and has recognised the positive contribution that foreign investors have made to the country. However, this may be about to change. 

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Talking Heads: an exhibition exploring culture and gender

At the end of August, two Christchurch artists had a successful exhibition, for which LDC not only wrote and distributed the press release but also carried out the the marketing.

17 August 2017: Two Christchurch artists are exhibiting their work from Friday 25 August until August 31, at Next Gallery in Christchurch. It will be an exhibition of portraiture, but with a difference.

Self-portraits by at least 80 participants will be on display, many by Fine Art students from Banaras Hindu University. Consequently, it will be a kind of dialogue between New Zealand and Asia and will highlight the differences in gender and culture between the two regions and communities. Over time, the exhibition will include other countries, with the intention of encouraging further dialogue between communities.

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Private equity in the spotlight

I've been asked a lot recently whether I've covered private equity. The answer is a definitive "yes". For the six months ending February 2016 I was Asia/Pacific correspondent for Private Equity International, a London-based publication. Here's the link with a couple of articles as well. There's a paywall so it might be difficult to access all the material.

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IFSWF Conference: where should sovereign wealth funds invest?

Recently this article appeared in Fdi magazine and Fdi Intelligence (24/11/16) http://www.fdiintelligence.com/News/IFSWF-Conference-where-should-sovereign-wealth-funds-invest. Do take a look.

IFSWF Conference: where should sovereign wealth funds invest?

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FutureProof: Edition Two

FuturePRoof: Edition Two is a series of 39 essays from more than 40 contributors around the world. See http://www.futureproofcomms.co.uk for a daily dose of new essays.

I'm excited to say that I wrote one chapter. Here it is:


by Lucia Dore

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New Zealand National Youth Refugee Youth Council

LCD recently ensured media coverage of the activities of the chairperson of the New Zealand National Youth Refugee Youth Council, Daniel Gamboa.

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