Cross Cultural Advice

We can also provide a deeper understanding of cross-cultural issues in the Arab world, with some consultants and journalists who are born and brought up in the Middle East and others who have lived in the the Middle East for some years.

How it works: Consultancy on cross cultural issues can be offered via Skype.

Key considerations on which LDC can provide insights are:

  • How the Arab world works. What you should know.
  • Working with the Arab culture? Know its traditions and get insights into the way people think.
  • Key differences between the Arab world and the "Western" world. How the Arabs see themselves and how they see the "West".
  • Religion and its importance in society and business life.
  • The role of women in Arab society and how Western women fit into this, especially in business. What to do and how to dress?
  • Business etiquette: greeting, business dinner, gifts, business cards, invitations.
  • The importance of building trust with an Arab business partner and how to do it.
  • Working with issues of corporate governance and transparency in the business world.
  • Negotiating in the Arab world.
  • How to manage and motivate Arab and South Asian employees and co-workers.
  • What a team expects from a "Western" manager or expert.
  • What employment law and contracts really mean?
  • How to deal with conflict situations?

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