Woman on honeymoon seeks divorce from 'cheap' husband in UAE

There are many uncertainties going on in the world, one of those being the general elections just held in Israel. Benjamin Netanayhu, leader of the right-wing Likud Party, will be forming a right-wing government with the other right-wing parties. It will be the fifth time he will be prime minister. What does this mean for the peace process?

On a lighter note, I found this article in The Khaleej Times, a national newspaper of the UAE. Other women should take note. How easy would it be for a woman to divorce a man because he was "cheap"?

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He is 13 years her junior; doesn't pay the bills nor did he spend on the wedding.

A newly married woman has filed for divorce from her husband in UAE because of his miserly attitude.

Al Bayan reported that an Arab woman has filed a case in the Personal Status Chamber at Abu Dhabi court, asking for a divorce from her husband, an Iranian, during their honeymoon, accusing him of being a 'cheap' man.

She claimed that the husband asked her to pay all the bills, including water and electricity bills, as well as pay for grocery.

"He didn't spend a penny on this marriage," she told the court.

The woman offered to waive all of her rights in order to get the divorce.

Additionally, the husband, who is 13 years younger than his wife, asked her to register all bills under her name, claiming that he had lost all of his personal documents.

He asked her handle all the registration for services, while he processed his personal documents, the wife's attorney said.

The woman claimed to have bought all of the furniture in their house, and instead of acknowledging her, the man started to neglect her, which added to her marriage woes.

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