NZ Super Fund among global leader in climate change

Private equity in New Zealand is lead by the country's sovereign wealth fund. The annual SWF conference was held in Auckland last November. Here is a link. IFSWF Conference: where should sovereign wealth funds invest?

The New Zealand Superannuation Fund has achieved a AAA rating in its listing of top international asset managers in the most recent Global Climate Index report, and ranks at 15, in its list of top international} asset managers.

In responding to threats from climate change, the report covers 500 of the planet 's largest asset owners and rates them in relation to their strategies.

The NZ Super Fund is among 17 asset owners around the globe to get the top AAA rating in the survey. It is rated 15.

According to the report, European asset owners are the international leaders on managing climate risk but Australia and New Zealand are beginning to rival Europe.

The index is released by the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, an independent, non-profit organisation which encourages long-term investors to deal with climate-related danger. The report, based on survey answers} and freely accessible information, rates asset owners and supervisors on their strategies to deal with climate change. It evaluates governance and strategy, portfolio risk management, metrics, portfolio risk management, and metrics  and targets.

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Wednesday, 05 August 2020