FuturePRoof: Edition Two launches with 39 new essays from authors around the world

Corporate investment in people and technology and an individual focus on continuous professional development (CPD) will drive the public relations industry forward.

This is the key message from #FuturePRoof: Edition Two, published today [Wednesday 7 September].

The book continues the discussion around key opportunities facing public relations, from convergence and skillset to Boardroom recognition and the pace of change.

Its aim is to assert public relations as a management discipline and demonstrate its value to organisational success.

Topics include audience insight, employee advocacy, influencer relations, tools and technology, agile strategy and business models. There is also a clear prompt for practitioners to challenge management teams more and be much less risk averse.

The second edition builds on the success of the first #FuturePRoof guide, launched in October 2015, which secured over 2,500 sales and downloads.

Agency owner and CIPR President-Elect candidate Sarah Hall is #FuturePRoof's founder and editor.

She said: "The success of #FuturePRoof shows that public relations practitioners are aware of the direction of travel and are no longer prepared for other disciplines to eat their lunch. The public relations fight back starts here and now.

"Demand shows professionals want to close their competency gaps in order to provide strategic advice at management level.

"What's more, the public relations industry is waking up to the fact that if we are truly guiding organisational strategy, it is common sense that other disciplines answer to us within the corporate hierarchy. I expect this narrative to get louder and louder.”

#FuturePRoof: Edition Two is dedicated to Dr Jon White, a guiding force and inspiration for the project. His book How to Understand and Manage Public Relations celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

#FuturePRoof is available in hard copy via www.futureproofingcomms.co.uk and on Kindle via http://tinyurl.com/j8ocm4z.

Launch drinks are taking place in London from 6.30pm on Wednesday 7 September with all welcome. To join the conversation follow @weareproofed and join the #FuturePRoof community on Facebook.

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Thursday, 17 June 2021